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Viva Legacy Company aims at contributing to change the way institutions perform by empowering their most important asset – People. We are open to be engaged by private, public, government and NGO entities to groom their staff on improved personality and service delivery, in order to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency in business.

Viva Legacy has special programmes targeting individual entrepreneurs and business people, including celebrities and spouses of successful people who have a desire to ready themselves to match with contemporary life trends. They are welcome to take advantage of our services so as to excel in what they do.

Viva Legacy also aims at assisting job seekers to achieve the  skills required to excel in today’s world of work. We are available to empower young people with the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional qualities that will ensure they stand out of the crowd as individuals and professionals. Students and fresh graduates preparing to get into the job market or business world will get discounted rates.

Message from CEO

This website is designed to provide a snapshot of who we are and what we do at Viva Legacy, and the pride we as Viva Legacy have in our passion for excellence and success. 

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Our Purpose

We are committed to provide individuals, organizations and institutions with services, tools and skills needed to become “Best-in-Class” in their respective industries.

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Our Team

We are a broad group of professionals working in concert to orchestrate effective programs. We also receive part-time expertise of volunteers, interns and industry experts.

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We equip you to become "Best-in-Class" in your respective industry.