Our 2018 Interns


The experience I obtained through Viva legacy Internship program is one that I won’t forget from the dedicated staff, high quality supervision, great outreach, the consultations and most important great work experience” Richmond Robert

“Viva Legacy internship provided me with a glimpse of what I should expect in my field of interest. I am proud to say that I do have a better understanding of concepts, theories, and skills in my course of study.” James Samson

“Viva legacy internship program has been an eye-opening experience and with confidence I can say “I am no longer a regular student” the experience, the skills gained, the good work ethics and many more from Viva Legacy ltd will positively continue to make an impact in my life as an employee and entrepreneur.” Asteria Katunzi

“The internship experience at Viva legacy has helped acquire multiple skills which will be useful as I prepare myself to enter the real world of work.” Esther Mmbaga

Through the regular meetings that I had with my supervisor without forgetting the constructive on-going feedback, I do feel the skills I learnt such as Problem Solving, report writing have all prepared me to face the world of work.” Victor Mlay

Come and join our 2019 internship Program !!!!!!

All you have to do is email us your CV and Motivational Letter to : Recruitingtanzania@gmail.com